To Southern California Neurofeedback

Are you suffering from the complications of autism, Asperger’s syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, stress, chronic pain, or any other health condition? Think you’ve tried everything under the sun to face and manage your mental health struggles, but nothing seems to help you progress? Have others told you that there’s nothing they can do to help?

At Southern California Neurofeedback in Bakersfield, CA, our neurofeedback therapists understand your frustration and are confident that no matter what mental health condition you might be dealing with, we can help find a solution through neurofeedback training. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and caring staff is ready to assist you in making a change with neurofeedback therapy assessments, sessions, and reassessments.

We pride ourselves on the use of personal one-on-one neurofeedback therapy sessions that implement the most effective non-medical mental health treatments for long-lasting change. And it works — we have seen incredible results in our patients, time and time again. If you are interested in pursuing neurofeedback training as a natural remedy for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or just as a way to improve your overall quality of life, give us a call today!